I have always been passionate about drawing and after many years designing and developing  products and graphic work for others, it was time to take action and start a new plastic stage. Now it is a very personal stage of my life I enjoy so much where I can definitively create and  make  artworks without any restriction.


In this new creative cycle, I started experimenting with assemblage of recycled objects I find everywhere such as old kitchen utensils or just  junk. Other works I also perform are figurative wire sculptures, totems, funny little robots, etc ...

Everything is possible, any material, any technique, any expression for a new story to tell.


Sometimes, it all starts with an accurate and planned project implementation (this is my most professional and technical side). Sometimes, a simple  lost and forgotten object inspires me another utility, another function, or just gives rise to a new idea or composition. After all this inspiration, I open my workshop door at the garage of my house and get down to business!, here begins the hard work. First, piece by piece is sketched, modelled and transformed  until it is materialized into a new object or character. Second, I try this object transmits its own soul and it is able to reach its own life too.


In the gallery, you can visit the sculptures  I have been making over a year, which of course, I will  update in the future. I hope you enjoy and like my sculptures display as much as I do.



Industrial and graphic designer.